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  • Paying 50-70% Commissions for Remote ISO's and Brokers

    We are looking for brokers and isos who have the ability to open and get deals in but don't have extensive experience in placing deals and closing them. We've all been there, having your deal beat out by a mile, and losing out on a potential commission. And as many of you may know, closing deals is an art that comes from practice and repetition. What we are offering is 50-70% of commissions on all funded deals, transparency on your deals so you know what the status is of your deals at all times, if you want to close your own deals, we will pay out 70% of the total funded commission and pull fees if you so choose. If you need our help to close the deal, we will gladly assist in the process and work with you to gain experience and learn how to "assume the sale" . The goal here is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship and generate business while providing support to get you to be fully self-sufficient in this industry! If you are interested in hearing more. Email me at