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  • Phoenix Funding and Finance : NEW ISOs WANTED UP TO 12 POINTS OFFERED

    At Phoenix Finance and Funding, we have been in the MCA Industry since 2015 and are direct lenders with over 30 years of sales Industry experience.

    We have partnered with private equity groups with over $250 million under management, giving us the ability to fund up to $1,000,000 and to take on low to high-risk files.

    We have extensive and scrupulous lending parameters which allow us to be flexible with A/B/C paper and allows us to adjust for D paper.

    While we put our best foot forward under a 1st and 2nd position, and we simultaneously produce competitive offers and favorable rates.

    We are capable of same day funding and draft approvals within hours.

    Our buy rates range from 1.18-1.26 and we will do a consolidation where the merchant nets $0.

    Contact me so we can build a beneficial partnership!

    You can reach me at any time of the day until 9pm.

    For more information or to request an ISO Package please email me at
    or call me directly at 212-390-8524

    Working Capital - Phoenix Funding and Finance
    Merchant cash Advance Working Capital Business loans MCA loans Term Loans Equity Loans Small Business Loans open late open weekends

    Jahn Bourrec
    VP of Finance
    212 390 8524
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