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  • Pro-se lawsuit advance needed

    I worked at a New York company. ( Not in this Industry ) Owned and operated daily by the wife of a major brand name family member. When I spoke out against illegal things they did in the company that I have the proof of I was retaliated against in the worst way and wrongfully fired.
    I filed my case in Supreme Court for $10 Million Dollars against the company because after questioned them on illegal things I saw them do, the owners company manager who is a convicted pervert Level 3 sex offender of a minor and did 10 years in prison, The owner hired him knowing he's a level 3 sex offender even though our office is right across the street from a preschool.After I questioned them about them stealing money from our customers ( And I have the proof ) The company manager Level 3 sex offender put's rat poisoning in my food three different times causing me to almost die and having to be rushed to the hospital ( All documented ) That was the worst retaliation I went through at the hands of the sick mind set of a convicted level 3 sex offender of a minor who did 10 years in prison because of it and is still on parole and that same sick mindset evil person almost killed me when he put rat poisoning in my food 3 different times.He and the owner both know I only have one kidney so I put in my complaint I take the company manager poisoning me as attempted murder.I filed the case in Supreme Court and paid all of the filing fees and process server fees myself and the Supreme Court Judge will hear the companies motion in January,They cant defend the proof I have..I can use an advance on the case, Lawsuit avance companies only advance money if a lawyer is handling the case so I'm looking for a deal on either $5k with up to a $15k return or a $10k advance deal with up to a $30k return.
    I can send you over the filed case you'd have to sign an NDA to discuss this deal
    Let me know