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  • Receiving Many Declines For Your MCA Submissions? Give Us A Shot!

    My name is Gill Navarro. I'm the Director of ISO relations here at Key Capital Group. We are looking to onboard ISO's/Brokers with Integrity to build a long lasting partnership. We believe in a win win situation & know that the only way to build a solid, long lasting business with recurring revenue is with an honest & sincere approach which we have been doing from day 1. Please feel free to call me to get acquainted & discuss how we can make a profitable partnership. My Contact Info is Below

    We Fund Merchants That Are Hard To Get Approvals on.

    Receiving Many Declines For Your Submissions? Give Us A Shot!

    Don't Let Your Submissions go to Waste. Maximize your Deals!!

    Quick Renewals, Competitive Payouts, On Hand Reps.

    We specialize in:
    - Large deals
    - High risk
    -B to D Paper
    -1st to 12th position
    -Default deals are entertained on a deal by deal basis (Satisfied judgments, payment plan, time of default & more)
    - Other Company Declines (Deals that are hard to get offers on)
    - Reverse Consolidation (Daily ending balances must be at least 5k to 10k. The term left on the advance needs to end within 40 days
    or less. 0 bounced payments & paying minimum of 50k monthly in MCAs)
    -Exceptionally competitive with dollar amount for high revenue merchants
    Our Product:
    10k to 3MM
    (For increase of funds, a deal by deal basis)
    -Terms up to 95 days (Flexible with large funding amounts)
    -Weekly payments available (Deal by deal basis)
    -Early Payoff Discounts (Deal by deal basis)
    -Instant DocuSign contracts
    -All Submissions are priced at 1.49 with broker discretion to down sell
    Funding Criteria
    -Minimum monthly revenue - $50,000
    -Minimum monthly deposit count - 5
    -Average daily balances - $1,500.00
    -Time in business - 6 Months (12 months preferred)
    -All credit scores accepted
    -No credit checks
    (We focus on healthy ledgers and payments history)
    -Restricted industries
    minimum monthly revenue - $100,000
    - Yes, but must be a US bank account
    -Tax Liens
    - Must be on payment plan
    -Ownership 100% (All parties must sign)
    Gill Navarro
    Director of ISO Relations
    Direct: 1(862)-303-3225