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  • Direct Lending Investments Mystery

    Anyone else think it's odd that Brendan Ross would plead some kind of ignorance in VOIP Guardian making $100 million loans to strange companies across the world? The story is supposedly that when he realized VOIP couldn't make Direct Lending because they weren't getting paid from these shady international telecom companies, that he went to the district attorney's office to report that he had been the victim of fraud but that he didn't know by whom.

    $101 million was loaned to Telacme Ltd in Hong Kong which as far as I can tell wasn't ever a real company. The website has been deleted from the Internet but even old archived versions of it show that it was a very rudimentary site that was never updated. More curious is that the content that was on it, is all copied and pasted from other websites, suggesting that whoever made the site just copied and pasted it from somewhere else on the internet. There's virtually no trace of this company anywhere else.

    To think that Brendan Ross somehow overlooked these glaring red flags while approving the flow of $101 million to it, all while he was allegedly cooking the books of his investment in Quarterspot for tiny amounts, just doesn't seem plausible. I hope we get to the bottom of this.

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    I agree that there are some loose ends that don't make much sense. If you find out anything, definitely share it!