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  • Considering Opportunities - Zachary Ramirez

    Hey all,

    I am a currently a free agent and am now considering opportunities within the space.

    Not sure which direction I'd prefer to go, but something with significant cash incentives (based on performance) and an equity upside would be considered.

    I am taking a month or two off of work to plan my next move, but in the meantime I'd like to hear what sort of opportunities are out there for someone like me.

    In case you haven't heard of me, here is a copy of my LinkedIn profile and career highlights:

    -Founded and built two ISO's; one when I was 23, which failed due to my youthful mismanagement, and one again when I was 25, which was successful.

    -Went through an M&A agreement with World Business Lenders which resulted in the cash and equity sale of Core Financial's assets to WBL.

    -Successfully ran two California branches of WBL, resulting in massive monthly net profits (often times in excess of $150,000 of monthly profit).

    -After having significant success with the Orange branch of WBL, I was presented the opportunity to take over the Costa Mesa branch, which under my guidance flourished into a massively profitable branch.

    -Left WBL in order to take a position with US Business Funding, where my success and compensation would be predicated on my ability to increase the overall company revenue.

    -Increased the average monthly revenue of USBF by over 120% within an 8-month time period using a combination of sales management, lead generation, and sales training.

    -Increased the visibility and brand awareness of USBF by utilizing my industry reputation and LinkedIn network of over 22,000 followers.

    -Active member of industry publications, and have been featured in and/or interviewed by Forbes, DeBanked, Leasingnews, and DailyFunder. Current, active member of the Forbes Finance Council.

    Please feel free to email me your information to my personal email,

    Please bear in mind that although I am open to considering opportunities, I am not desperate and I will not accept a typical "sales manager" type of position.

    Lastly, I will not discuss the particulars of my previous employment, as I respect the management teams and will not divulge private information or industry trade secrets.
    Zachary Ramirez
    Branch Manager

    World Business Lenders
    3090 Bristol Street, Suite 160
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Direct: (714) 862-1870
    Fax: (888) 507-8970

    Check out our videos to learn more about our products and the clients we serve at

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    Zach, I sent you a note on LinkedIn, call me anytime.