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  • Independent Brokers Wanted

    Combine credit card processing and credit card split funding.

    7% Commission of Funded Amount

    Benefits of Credit Card Split Funding:

    *Payments adjust to daily credit card sales
    *No collateral required
    *Competitive rates based on strength of business & credit score.
    *Typically approved within 72 hours after submission of required documents
    *1st Position Only
    *No Stacking
    *No UCC
    *No PG
    •Payment terms can range from 3-12 months

    We fund a minimum of $2,500 up to a maximum of $250,000, depending upon the business owners
    average monthly credit card sales and the strength of the business.

    *We do not have an internal sales force - You applications belong to you - If we can approve, we fund.
    If not - the applications are returned to you. Applications are not shopped.

    Credit Card Processing is serviced by Global/TSYS
    65% Residual Profit on Monthly Credit Card Profit Volume

    Streamline Your Acceptance of Payments

    A virtual terminal is a secure web page that lets you process credit card transactions.
    Copy & Paste the Demo URL into your favorite browser:

    100% Above Schedule A - Virtual Terminal-Gateway

    Contact - Dave @ 727-233-1111
    Dave Lambert
    FC Financial LLC
    1-727-291-7890(Leave Message or Text)
    Office: 1-727-233-1111
    Skype: fc-financial

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    How does FBS Broker tailor its services to cater to the trading preferences and needs of traders in South Africa? What specific approaches does FBS use to adapt its financial instruments, localized support, and trading platforms for the South African market, and how does this contribute to enhancing the overall trading experience for traders in that region?