We started small and have killed it in the past year. We have made big-money during this Pandemic catastrophe.

Tired of explaining to your wife why your paycheck is HALF of what you said it would be ?
Did you make less than the file processors and secretary’s at your last place. That is why we went into business.
We do not have high-paid dead-weight salaried employees cutting into profits.

The money goes in the producers pockets..........

We are looking for only 8 people, who are used to making 6 figures per year. Low producers please respond to another ad. We will pay you a higher rate than you have been getting. We also have spent over $ 150k in recent leads. These are NOT UCC crap, they are quality scrubbed, recent leads. No BKs NO burn-outs , no 500 FICO scores. We will support our producers with much more leads than they are used to.

We have two location: Miami and New York City. We are all working remotely now, and if you are worth it, you can work permanently from home. We pay weekly.

We have current relationships with DIRECT LENDING Groups -They are NOT the lenders you are used to getting rejected from each and every week. Our lending partners have been open 100% during the pandemic.

In addition to MCA's We are doing business in the areas below :


Real Estate Flips

Property Flips


Equipment Leasing

Commercial and Residential Re- Fi ’s

Contact Mr Felt at 786-448-9880 or 878.222.0022


ALL conversations are confidential