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  • Tote the note land developer needs to sell receivables to expand

    My client is a developer ( with a self described low credit score ) that has been in business for several years , doing tote the note land development for residential use. He sells the land on payments ( 12 % interest ) to basically anyone regardless of credit . His properties have had people paying on them for an average of about 5 years on normally a 10 to 15year note .

    The remaining balance on these notes is 2.2 million with monthly payments currently at $37,000 per month .

    The developers subdivisions are sold out and he wants to cash out to buy more land or possibly get a loan at a low rate with his existing land as collateral to buy more land . His developments are in Texas and Arizona with a separate LLC for each states operations .

    If this is a deal you can do please email me at

    Thank you