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  • MCA Needed for a Logistics Company

    Only direct lenders, please. I have a deal in which I need to fund asap. This is a logistics company which does $60k a month. This company has two bank accounts and does multiple transfers from each account making the deal slightly more complex. They have been in business for one and half years. They have a business bank account which was opened October of 2018. They have two trucks registered with the department of transportation. They also have small trucks which they use to transport goods for companies such as AMAZON and others. They bid daily so they do not have accounts receivable as they are paid upon successful bidding. I have all bank statements. They are looking for $100k yet I understand this will have to be done by stacking MCA's which they are open too. DIRECT LENDERS ONLY NO BROKERS.

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    Possible a Interest Only Term Loan and then a SBA - Call 305-697-0148 for a consultation.
    Dave Lambert
    FC Financial LLC
    1-727-291-7890(Leave Message or Text)
    Office: 1-727-233-1111
    Skype: fc-financial


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      I might be able to help. Email me

      Sahil Jhaveri


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        I'm going to be frank with you. No one needs 100K to grow there business ASAP. You're a kid playing with fire, they need you to tell them to grow slowly. I have an opportunity with where they can send me a report of their weekly bids, or daily bids they make and I can factor those to get them the cash flow they need to support more routes. Also I can use the equipment as collateral and the routes they have as collateral to make a big MCA offer, your not gonna like it but your clients will. 361-717-1477


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          Hello! I just sent you a message, please feel free to reach out to me as this is definitely in line with what I am able to offer.