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  • $200K MCA Consolidation Needed


    Looking to consolidate 2 positions.
    1st Position: $150K @ 18-mon/wkly payment
    2nd Position $85K @ 18-mon/Daily payment

    Currently owes:$200K
    Daily Bank Balance:$32K
    Avg Monthly Dep: $91K (Breakdown: CC's avg. $60-$70K & Cash avg $30-$40K monthly)
    Annual Rev:$1.1million (consistent)
    Credit Score:723 FICO
    MCA payment history: Excellent / Applicant has been on time with all payments.
    Collateral: Doesn't have enough collateral to qualify for a term loan.
    (Applicant has a Gas Station free & clear (Valued at $150K) but does not have a Phase 1 for the land. Also has a personal Home valued @$180K but owes $110K.)

    **Rate has to be around 1.35 @10-12 month termto make sense.

    ***Only contact me if your a Direct Lender!

    Call Brian@ 347.662.5313
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    Hi, this might be too late but if your offer is still on the table, we would like to help you consolidate these deals. We're a direct lender operating in New York and we would very much be interested in partnering with your company. You can call us (866) 737-6278 or reach us by email at