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  • Seeking direct lender that will do high quality land development loan in California

    Seeking direct lender for large land development loan in California property is worth over 75,000,000 and need 15,000,000 first mortgage its a high quality deal with a well heeled borrower with a high credit score over 700 credit score 2 year bridge loan will work prefer direct lender who has has recently done a land development loan of this type of size and caliber NO FRONT FEES will be paid to any brokers or intermediaries actual cost of due diligence such as title legal and environmental appraisal is available
    Reasonable rates and points will be paid what is reasonable? 8 to 11% with 2 to 3 points personal guarantor that has strong net worth over 50,000,000 If you are that real lender that has the capability to really fund this loan then please email me at

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    I can help you if they have property with equity. Commercial or residential properties.

    up to 10million - great rates 10-14% - 2-4yr balloon notes with monthly payments.
    Would that help?

    Jackie Nickell
    404-849-8484 -