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  • Mark Peterson - North Shore Capital - Issue

    Mark Peterson from North Shore Capital is fraud. We are an ISO and he funded one of our in house deal as a co-broker. Unfortunately Mark didn't paid our commission. I am looking for your kind suggestion how to handle this situation.

    *** I have the ISO agreement and all text messages, email correspondence from deal submission to deal funded.

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    Alright let's do this...
    That deal did fund but immediately went into default and we had to work with your merchant to start paying and catching up. He's still missing daily payments. ALL OVER A SMALL DEAL!
    2nd you committed fraud and forged contracts which called into question my relationship with the lender. The lender has my side of this and has even gone as to make sure you can't hold a contract there in the future.
    I gave you the opportunity to come clean and figure out a solution and haven't hear back.
    If you would like to resolve this you know how to get in touch with me.


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      Thank you Mark that you have replied. The deal was not defaulted. Merchants received the loan 2 days later so he was missing 2 payments. Finally merchants went on regular payment. I tried reaching you back but unfortunately you never replied. Yes, the deal was small but we wanted to start a good relationship. We have so many submission that we are submitting elsewhere.

      There is no sense of a fraud & forged contracts since it doesn't make us bucks.We secure merchants and you secure deal for them. Problem is when you received payment but you don't pay us. I am not sure what is to do with contracts then. We have been working with some of the largest and reputed lender and in some month we receive bonuses on top of commission payments. It's an open market and everyone only get paid for good job. We are doing pretty well but we loose you. Since we didn't get paid we are not comfortable spending time for this. Best of luck!


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        Clearly myself, the lender and the law would disagree with what you have done.
        I wish you the best.