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  • Do You Lend To The Cannabis Industry?

    Do you lend to businesses in the cannabis industry?

    We have clients that are depositing millions of dollars into their business bank accounts BUT our current lenders are declining our files due to "Restricted Industry"

    We are an ISO seeking new lenders to add to our portfolio.

    If you are a lender that is able to fund businesses in the Cannabis Industry, please reply to this thread so we can get in touch!
    Thank you,

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    My company can lend to these firms for a few reasons. These are uncollateralized loans and it does not hit their credit. With that being said we can produce offers to the cannabis industry. As well as help them with commercial loans and equipment for there operations.

    Please contact me.

    Lorenso Dennis
    Summit Capital Funding LLC
    Office (877)-666-7237 ext 204
    Cell: (201)-844-4043
    Fax: 1-888-523-2262
    Company Website:


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      My name is Ellie Dummett, and my company is a private lender. We provide private funds for ACQUISITION of RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL real estate, ALL TYPES OF CANNABIS business loans, OPERATIONAL CAPITAL, RVs, EQUIPMENT PURCHASES, START-UPS, FRANCHISES, MOBILE HOMES, etc., and best of all CREDIT DOES NOT MATTER. We finance up to 95% of the purchase & Rehab (fix-n-flips). For those of you looking for a partner, you may not need that business partner to pursue your dream or get funded. We buy and hold and seek viable businesses turned down by banks and mortgage companies with no prepayment penalty.
      As you can see we fund many types of deals and would be interested in learning more about your business to see if we can be of assistance. I am not here to waste your time, and I believe you will be quite surprised by what we can do to help you with your endeavor. As I mentioned earlier, we do not use credit scores, and things like judgments, liens, child support, etc. do not disqualify. We use commonsense underwriting for each deal we fund. Our current close rate is 85%. We have a low down payment for acquisitions and low-interest rates as well. We can even offer deferred down payment assistance where necessary. I want all the deals that have been rejected by conventional lenders and hard money. We fund, close and service all of our residential, commercial and business funding loans. Minimum loan amount of 30k to 800M.
      If this is something you would like for us to review, please complete the following form so we can review. When completing the form, please use my BDM # 2258755 as the lender, so the form does not stay in a pending status. You can also text me to the number below once you have completed the form as well.
      After we have reviewed which we like at least 72 hours, I will be in touch with any questions, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Ellie Dummett


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        Hi Morgan,

        I do in-house lending to Cannabis businesses. I have great incentives as well on strong files. As long as the owner has a business checking account and decent credit, you should be okay. If you are curious to take a look at the options, send me a "test" package so that I can show you what I have and then make an intelligent decision off of the numbers I project. My email is 4 months of recent banks and an application required.


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          pm me with your email


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            I can help also

            Keith Lloyd
            P- 773-830-4629
            Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions
            Mom & Pop Business Funding


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              I can do the Equipment for leasing & Financing for Cannabis Brad 973-980-8000 my call any time