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Author Topic: Is property crowdfunding a good idea?

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Is property crowdfunding a good idea?
OP: August 09, 2018, 11:00:00 PM
Property crowdfunding  appeared in the past 5 years as an alternative real estate investment opportunity. The main objective of the property crowdfunding was to eliminate the disadvantages of traditional RE investments. What are those disadvantages, exactly? The main downside of the traditional RE investment model was extremely expensive prices for the property.
As a result, only selected wealthy individuals were able to make investments in the real estate. Ordinary middle class investors had no opportunity to purchase property due to its skyrocketing prices and had to find other, more affordable investment opportunities. Other disadvantages of traditional RE investments included more volatility, worse liquidity and limited opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio.
Current property crowdfunding platforms try to solve all these problems because now investors are able to pool their money with other investors, thus considerably reducing the needed amount of investment and diversifying their portfolio. Some platforms even created two-sided marketplace so that the platform could provide services to both the investors and REA. In general there are much more advantages of the property crowdfunding compared to traditional RE investment models.  ;) Learn more:
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