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  • "Email Marketing is the #1 way to GENERATE LEADS" - Forbes. Start Today!


    see what Forbes is saying about email marketing. Email Marketing Is Still The Top Way To Generate Leads

    Increase your 2019 business revenue by 25%- 40% with email campaigns.

    The funding business is extremely competitive. Itís important to
    acquire new clients, encourage customer loyalty
    in current clients while also enhancing the relationship for repeat business.

    Give your business the advantage it needs by reaching out to your client base with personalized, relevant, dynamic, authentic email messages.

    Click here to set a 10 min consultation today to create your opportunities today.

    Email me at to get started.
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  • Close more deals in 2019 with Email Marketing


    Increase your 2019 business revenue by 25%- 40% with email campaigns.

    The funding business is extremely competitive. Itís important to
    acquire new clients, encourage customer loyalty
    in current clients while also enhancing the relationship for repeat business.

    Give your business the advantage it needs by reaching out to your client base with personalized, relevant, dynamic, authentic email messages.

    Click hereto set a 10 min consultation today to create your opportunities today.

    Email me at to get started.
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  • nicked
    started a topic UCC Records Last Month with Phone #, Email... *

    UCC Records Last Month with Phone #, Email... *

    UCC Fillings Last Month with Phone #, Email...

    Spreadsheet link

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  • PDQ_Funding
    started a topic Merchant Cash Advance

    Merchant Cash Advance

    Looking for Merchant Cash Advance Leads for the UK Market
    Merchant Cash Advance products have helped thousands of UK businesses gain unsecured funding of up to £200,000 with no APR, fixed terms or costs.
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  • This is how You Can Use Facebook Ads for Generating MCA Leads

    Facebook is a wonderful method of connecting and bonding with prospects to generate a sense of trustworthiness that can convert them into customers at some point in the future. Do you know how many users login to Facebook everyday?

    Almost 1.4Bn users login to their respective accounts using Facebook. Sharing posts on MCA program

    Check out the right variation of posts one must share on a regular basis. Paid AdWord Campaigns

    Running paid Facebook ads is a powerful marketing tactic that can generate a high number of qualified leads. After creating the advertisement, you can publish it instantly following approval.

    Whenever an interested user clicks on your ad and is redirected to your website, you pay the set PPC rate. You have to create attractive contents, motivating enough to click on your ads. This will definitely increase your chances of converting those mere visitors into customers.

    One major benefit of paid Facebook ads is that they are highly cost-effective. If you...
    Finding Merchant cash advance leads has become a challenging task with the rise in competition and demand by small business owners. This is where merchant cash advance lead providers come in and provide high-quality leads that have high chances of conversion.
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  • Qualities of Merchant Cash Advance Leads we consider before transfer

    Which qualities are a must to be considered an Exclusive & Qualified Lead? See below:-
    • The person of interest must be a business owner or decision maker.
    • 100% Contact ratio as these all are live transfers
    • The business duration must be over 1 year.
    • Average monthly Bank Deposit must be over $10,000.
    • No Bankruptcy in previous 2 years.
    • Need money in maximum 30 days or else you will get that replaced.

    These are our primary qualities that we at DTX consider to confirm a Lead as Qualified and Exclusive. We always prepare fresh, qualified, and exclusive leads for our clients. But if our clients demand some extra credentials for a lead to be considered as qualified, we will gladly comply. So contact us any time for any queries you may have....
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  • Automate MCA Lead Generation Using the Latest CRM software

    To what extent can a CRM can facilitate a Merchant Cash Advance program?

    The Merchant Cash Advance CRM is similar to any other Customer Relationship Management software, apart from few added functionalities.

    The features include capturing leads, nurturing those leads, underwriting loans following compilation of leads, and most importantly generating a report at the end of a life cycle for borrowers.

    Due to the rapid growth of the MCA industry ($0 to a whopping $10.7bn) in 2015, automation can help to streamline the system for everyone.

    So, letís dig deeper and find out some of the top rated merchant cash advance CRM that are capable of reducing expenses while raising your profit at the same time.

    Get MCA LeadsHES Lending Platform:

    A highly reliable business lending software equipped with advanced algorithm that provides maximum security during transactions.

    The technicalities ingrained...
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  • Phoenix Funding and Finance : Looking for Inside Sales Rep for New Office Location

    Looking for three top individuals to work from home

    Come work for an organization that is backed by 30 years of sales industry experience and the expediency to get deals funded

    We are signed with over 60 Direct Lenders, 20 lenders in reserve

    We will provide you with leads and approvals within hours

    We are a non-boiler room operation
    We are not in the business of running or ruining credit
    Online non-credit chek questionnaire that can pre-qualify your clients
    The CEO is available until 11 pm at night 5 nights a week
    He even makes himself available on weekends
    Provide references from day one-a list that took us 20 years to build

    Let our website speak for itself (below)

    Room for advancement and management
    Highest Payouts/Commissions

    • Merchant Cash Advance(MCA) thru ACH
    • Merchant Cash Advance(MCA) thru Credit Card Pull/Lockbox
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  • Different Beneficial Outcomes in Buying Double Verified MCA Leads

    What is an MCA Lead?

    One of the biggest issues business owners have with purchasing leads is knowing if theyíre going to be legitimate.

    In the merchant cash advance industry for example, you want the name and number of a business that might need capital.

    Could every company Ďneedí capital? Probably, but some have no interest in a merchant cash advance.

    MCA lenders want to know theyíre getting info beyond tearing out a list of businesses from the yellow pages.

    If youíve ever dealt with a lead generation company before youíve no doubt heard the term Ďqualifiedí thrown out a lot. Itís with good reason.

    Thereís a huge difference between a qualified MCA lead and one that is unqualified.

    Itís said that with a qualified lead, all you really have to do is make the call. Not Every Google Searcher Is Going to Be a Customer

    The contact information that we provide leads to more conversions mostly...
    The best chance at finding success with an MCA lead is by our agents confirming the details and the contact information even before giving you the lead.
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  • Choose Live Transfer / Real-time / Aged MCA Leads at Astonishing Prices!

    Live Transfer Leads
    Real-time Callback Leads
    Aged Leads
    Here at MCA Leads Pro, we are generating leads with the help of our in-house telemarketing team. This the list we are currently offering for merchant cash in advance seekers.

    We are DNC Compliant; therefore, you could rely on our leads throughout the year. These marketers are exceptionally talented marketers capable of drastically boosting your growth rate while relieving you from cash shortages.
    Call us today for more amazing offers and benefits!

    +1 (408) 520-9131
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  • MCA Leads Pro
    started a topic What data every MCA lead must have?

    What data every MCA lead must have?

    Qualified or double verified leads for MCA are crucial for its growth and it can save an enormous amount of resources as well as time. Without proper leads you'd incur heavy expenses on marketing and hunting down prospects. MCA lead generators enable businesses to focus on sale instead of looking for prospects.

    The following is the list of information a qualified lead must hold:
    • Name of the individual:
    Obviously you're going to need the name of the individual you're about to connect with. The list of details include the name of the business, its location and the number of years it has been operating in its industry.
    • Phone number:
    A business phone number can be easily found online, but MCA Leads Pro is here to help you connecting with decision makers directly of various companies. So feel free to place your order for live transfer leads at extremely feasible prices!
    • Email address:
    It is often reported that decision makers of various companies aren't comfortable...
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  • Fresh Business Loan/MCA Live Transfer Leads!

    Nowadays most of the MCA Leads Generator are selling same leads to various MCA business owners.

    If you are bored with this crappy leads,

    Try Fresh and Qualified MCA Live Transfer Leads

    Max Smith (Marketing Manager)

    DTX Business Solutions...
    World's best and top quality Merchant Cash Advance Leads and Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads. Get Quality Leads with The Most Affordable Price.
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  • Tired of buying dead, beat up leads? Time for a change

    Hi everyone;
    If you have been burned before and wasted a ton of money on leads that have been sold over and over again, you have a
    couple of options;

    1.) keep trying different vendors and spending more until you find one that provides solid leads.
    2.) give up on buying leads all together and put more feet on the field or on the floor for cold calling.
    3.) start a direct mail campaign.
    4.) generate your own leads through inbound marketing and only work with people who contacted you to
    hear from you about your services.

    I put together a video training on how to build an ultimate lead generation machine for MCAs. If you are interested, please check it out here;
    After you review it, if you'd like to speak with me on how we can do the same for you, reach out to me please.
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  • Anyone Interested in Leads from Google Search?


    My partner and I were generating MCA
    leads for an ISO on Wall Street. They are
    no longer in business.

    I am reaching out here because we have
    an existing campaign and can generate
    MCA leads for the right partner.

    We work on a performance basis. Pay
    us on funded leads only.

    We were generating about 15 funded deals
    per month for the other ISO.

    The leads are exclusive and generated
    in real time. (People searching Google,
    Yahoo, and Bing for "business loans", for example.)

    Please note these are leads - not full

    Please contact me if you would like to test
    some leads.

    If it's a good fit I can send a batch of
    test leads for free and you can decide if you want
    more of them.

    Thank you,
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  • UK Merchant Cash Advance Market

    We run a dedicated Merchant Cash Advance Platform in the UK. If you are looking at the UK market from a lending stand point it would be good to talk.
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