Hello everyone,

We are creating an ISO that will be marketing solutions to Small Businesses, like? Text Marketing, NFC Marketing, Daily Deals, Consumer Financing, Merchant Processing, etc.

We are also looking for a Funder that can provide MCA products that our Affiliates can market to these same Businesses.

Looking for an automated process that we can use for the initial approval, uploading / submitting the required documents, final approval and then the Funding.

We will handle the lead, the sale, the followup, the future communication, etc.

There are so many Brokers acting as Funders, as well as, so many Funders.

Perhaps those within this Forum can offer some legit suggestions and give some advice of their experiences so we don't get run over by the same bus.

We are located in Georgia. We'll start in the Southeast and eventually have Affiliates in all States. We will utilize a MLM model to recruit...