We are a direct funding company focused on secure loans:

- Commercial trucks, Light, and medium trucks.
- Construction Equipment.
- SUVs, RVs, and Busses.
- Boats, Yachts, Luxury cars, and LIMOs.
- Real estate, commercial, and residential.

We focus on customers with subprime credit or customers that have been declined by a traditional bank.

We pay, on the closing date, 5% to 10% commission to brokers on EFA deals, and 3% on Real Estate backed deals.

lending guidelines on the following link: https://www.eastharborfinancial.com/brokers/

If you have a client that cannot get approved by traditional means, please send it to us (rd@eastharborfinancial.com) and we will have approval within a couple of hours. I just need a Credit Application, an Invoice from the seller, and a Spec sheet of the asset.

Rodolfo Davalos
Lending underwriter
East Harbor...