Welcome to a better way of working, Join our team of handpicked reps and unlock your true earning potential.
We built our operations from the ground up to work for Brokers, to provide transparency on all levels, and to pay people for the work they do . This is why we are the only Broker oriented enterprise out there, give us a try and see. Our portfolio of products is extensive, and we know how to get complicated deals done. We cover ALL forms of business financing available in the US, including many monthly based solutions. We pay very aggressively while providing a convenient back end platform that makes reaching out to business owners a breeze, a system that is built for speed. Our network covers all 50 states and Canada

Bring a team, refer a Closer We pay Overrides on ALL !

Email your resume to iso@therosefunder.com cc: bander@therosefunder.com

We provide,
Leads mixed data and qualified,
Automated CRM and submission process,