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  • Why You Should Avoid UCC Leads Like The Plague

    Letís talk about one of the most revered forms of leads in the merchant cash advance business: UCC Leads

    To be honest with you, I donít know any of the big dogs in the merchant cash advance industry that rely on UCC Leads.

    The only brokers I see buying UCC Lead lists are usually startup brokers and ISOs, or ISO shops that have a cold calling boiler room set up and hit the phones all day long, trying to pummel their way into the hearts of frustrated small business merchants looking for capital.

    Why are UCC Leads not used by any of the big ISOs in the cash advance industry?

    That is a question that I found myself asking in 2014 when I was working at a small ISO shop that had just started up in the financial district of NYC.

    I learned over time that it isnít that UCC Leads donít work. They do.

    Itís just that theyíre unreliable if you want to actually build a sustainable, predictable, and scalable merchant cash advance...
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  • How To Catch Up With The Tech Enabled MCA Companies

    How To Make Your Merchant Cash Advance Company As Efficient As Possible Using Systems And Technology

    Did you know that merchant cash advance is not just about optimizing lead generation? (even though getting quality deals is a major pain)

    In order to fund more deals and bigger size deals, you will need to identify whatís causing your company to plateau.

    For example, you might be stuck at $50,000 per month and you canít seem to go further no matter how hard you try.

    This happens due to what is known as a bottleneck.

    A bottleneck prevents your company from scaling and being able to handle more business.

    Bottlenecks are the main reason why most funders and brokers are lagging way behind in terms of the scale at which they could be operating.

    Instead of funding $10 million and more per month, brokers and ISOs are funding way less than a million a month.

    Conventional brokers are lagging behind,...
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