This is a rather unique type of deal I'm trying to make and I'm certain there is a matchmaker out there who can get this deal done.

I am looking for $750,000 (minimum) to help my company pay off *ALL* existing debt, plus leave some cash in the bank for growth. My company is 18 years old and has been hitting home run profits (with close to $1+ million net annual profit [43% net] on the peak year) and on fire for 17 of the last 18 years. We are rapidly gaining extra strength and should be into crazy profits again in about 6 months or so. But we need funds *right now* and not in 6 months, so we can grow more quickly as 2019 is the year of M&A in our industry.

I'm looking to sell some equity in the company in return for $750k (or more if interested) with a potential exit in 18 months with a 10x or even 20x return, depending on the deal we find for the exit.

Please contact DWILLIAMS@DDRADIO.COM if you have someone that might be a good fit. I will...