I have a business owner that hasn't been able to get approved with anyone else he's worked with so far. I understand why... his revenue is only $3,000/month. But... he has 8 years in business. His info is below. I know I'm reaching, but I told him I'd ask around. Anyone have any ideas, or lenders out there who will take a look at an app on this guy? Thanks.

Business type: Welding
Time in business: 8 years
Monthly Revenue: $3,000
Credit score: 500
Purpose of funds: Equipment upgrades
Funds needed: Anything will help - My thought is if I can help him now, and his business grows, we'll be able to get him more in the future. So this is just a way in essentially to create a connection.

Any thoughts folks? I know I'm reaching on this one, but god knows I don't know everything! LOL. Thanks in advance....