Hi deBanked,

As most of you know.... We are Seacoast Business Funding, a division of Seacoast Bank. We offer flexible working capital solutions in the forms of factoring and asset based lines of credit. We are trusted working capital partners for a variety of industries, but we really love partnering with staffing companies.

Our Ideal Client:
-Based anywhere in the US.
-Offers temporary or contract staffing services to large commercial customers, government agencies, and vendor managers.
-Revenues from $2.5Mil to well over $300Mil. The bigger the better!
-Facility need from $500K to well over $30Mil.

Why staffing companies partner with us:
-We listen first and move fast. We have closed transactions in less than 2 weeks. Our credit decisions are made within our division. We move much faster than a bank.
-We are bank owned and offer very competitive rates. We can still work with challenged companies or companies...