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  • Seeking $775,000 - to be secured by real estate

    We are seeking $775,000 to launch a new business and new service. We will secure the funds against a private residence worth 4mil. Current offers are 16.75% 5year term, IO monthly payments, and 18.5%% 7 year term IO monthly payments, no prepay penalty on either. Looking to close this deal this month so we can launch. Direct lenders only please, no shoppers. This is a US-based company we are starting up. Thanks - Dave Williams Again - this is to launch a NEW business so the "send us 6 months of bank statements" is not a conversation starter.

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    Go to the PitBull Conference this coming October in Austin, TX.


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      Why are you still soliciting offers?
      Dave Lambert
      FC Financial LLC
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      Office: 1-727-233-1111
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