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OP: April 25, 2019, 11:00:00 PM
AX ALLIANCE - UNITING FINANCE is a private online venture organization that has been lawfully enlisted in United Kingdom. This site is fully protected from intruders(hackers, pirates) and viruses. This site keep all your data safe and it's fully legal ( i added image of CERTIFICATE that they have)
From my personal experience it's one of the best sites for investment. I joined to about 8 months ago and i had no problems or issues  with this site or money transfer. I just want to share with you this amaizng site and how this site helped to grow my money. In beginning i was suspicious( thought it was scam, too good to be true because profit that you would get was  13% for 72 hours managed) but i took the risk and transfer 100$. Transfer was really quick and i made 13$ profit. Then i cash out my 113$ just to see is this a scam or not. Cash out was pretty fast and site send me 113$. After that i invested and invested more money and now from 1000 i have 145 300 so i got a lot from this site and i recommending it for  if you want to invest your money and get much more money from it. Link to the site -

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I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one Fred93. I know it doesn't seem established, but I've got a pretty good feeling about this one.

Did you read that they have a certificate? A CERTIFICATE!!.

I've already sent all my bitcoin in.
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