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Author Topic: Is it just me? Not receiving the fancy new 6 digit logon code

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Anyone else having logon issues since Lending Club Me Too'd with the six-digit logon code a few days ago? I never receive mine after logging on. Tried multiple times. Tried sending multiple times, still no go.

(And yes my email is working. :) ) (And yes I have checked my spam)

If I was more active with LC I'd call them but I'm only checking to see if there are any recoveries.

Am I the only lucky one?
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I didn't have any issues with login. Yesterday, when I logged in, system sent me an email with code right away. I selected remember device during login with code, since then no more requests for code.
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Must be a load issue on their end- tried it just now at about 10:35pm PST and it finally worked. On the first try nonetheless.

Guess it is just me.  :P
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It did not work for me. No code was sent to my email. Very annoying! I guess I will wait til Monday or 30 days before things start working.

The Dark Vulture

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I didn't have any trouble.  The message came right away.

Be sure to check your spam mailbox.
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I'm having same issue.  No email is ever sent.  Nothing in spam folder either.
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I called LC and the solution was to change my login to another email address. That actually worked! I guess my original email provider probably thought LC email was spam and blocked it even before it got to my spam folder.

Dark Vulture
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