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Author Topic: Is there any interest in a automated investing engine for lending club?

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So I've been working for a while on this and I've built a piece of software that manages my Lending Club account for me. It can go on and invest in loans which meet a very narrow filter criteria of mine (data isn't shown on the lending club website but rather only visible if you download the current loan listings). Along with that, it has the ability to sell my "At Risk" notes for me if desired. I have created a mobile-focused website that I can visit on my Movies series world smartphone and "Authorize" the sale of any at risk notes at any time. It even assigns a valuation to the "At Risk" notes based off of a formula I have created. It has many many safeguards to prevent some bug causing it to start selling off all my notes for pennies. At the moment, that's all that it does but I'm considering other things.

Is there any interest in this from the P2P lending community?
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I think you have lost the interest of most people by including a link to "Movies Series World" which has nothing to do with P2P. Most people here already are using automated investing options.
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