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Author Topic: Winner of the "they really,really, REALLY tried" trophy

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Winner of the "they really,really, REALLY tried" trophy
OP: December 14, 2017, 12:00:00 AM
Had a loan just pay off that I had been sure for the past year that they would have defaulted. Loan id 28754440 was a loan for around $6000. This person has been late over 20 times since loan inception. FICO has been as low as 530. Currently  it is 555.  Loan was ostensibly meant for debt consolidation. I first said "uhohh" a few months after the loan originated when I noticed Fico did not jump up which signifies to me that the person really didn't use the loan to pay off credit cards. Loan never officially got into 30-120 days late although by my calendar there were times when it was 34-35 days late.

This person made their 36th payment on Nov 22 (24 days late) which should have paid off the  loan but since they had so many late payments additional interest must have been charged because after paying 36 payments they still owed 9 cents.

They paid 9 cents on Dec 13 (25 days late). This loan actually paid off! In and of itself I consider that a minor miracle...BUT...

As a radio host named Paul Harvey (anybody remember him?) many times said:

"The Rest of the Story?"

This person paid off the loan AFTER they declared bankruptcy.

The notes section says they declared bankruptcy on Dec 11. The final payment was on Dec 13. Two days after the bankruptcy...

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Winner of the "they really,really, REALLY tried" trophy
#1: December 14, 2017, 12:00:00 AM
Thanks for sharing. Three years ago loans were still P2P and I wonder if the borrower felt compelled to pay back the "people" that loaned the money? Whatever the reason it's quite a special story.
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