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Author Topic: Prosper Results 2016

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Prosper Results 2016
OP: February 04, 2017, 12:00:00 AM
I opened my Prosper IRA and Standard accounts in 2013. I made no deposits or withdrawals during 2016. My accounts are set to auto-invest. At some point during 2016 my cash balances grew quite a bit because of a breakdown in the auto-invest system, one that, BTW, I was not informed of by Prosper but rather discovered by chance myself. (I have Prosper and Lending Club accounts. This breakdown was in Prosper, wasn't it? I'm not mixing them up, am I?)

Balance Dec. 31, 2015: $24,338.03.
Balance Dec. 31, 2016: $25,189.75
Net gain: Net Gain: $806.72, 3.2% for the year.

Standard Accountt:
Balance 12/31/15: $23549.40
Balance 12/31/16: $24275.63
Net Gain $726.23, 3.1% for the year

Meanwhile, Prosper claims on my main account page for my Standard account that the Annualized Net Returns as well as Seasoned Annualized Net Returns for the account are both 11.2%; for my Roth they say my Annualized Net Gains are 10.93%. I don’t care how you slice and dice the numbers and Prosper can sing and dance all day long if they want to, but the simple fact is that in 2016 my account values grew a paltry 3.2% and 3.1%. Do you think Prosper lies? I do. Time to close my accounts.
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Prosper Results 2016
#1: February 04, 2017, 12:00:00 AM
Balance Dec. 31, 2015: $53,900.24
Balance Dec. 31, 2016: $55,353.23
Net Gain: $1,452.99, 2.7% for the year.

Prosper reports my Annualized Net Returns as 7.56% ???

I stopped all Prosper reinvesting a couple of months ago when they discontinued participation in the Folio marketplace.
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Prosper Results 2016
#2: February 08, 2017, 12:00:00 AM
I have also wondered about not only these numbers, but the numbers that the Lending Robot app reports for my accounts (which seem to be even more optimistic than the numbers that Prosper and LC report).

As another data point, I compute my Prosper rate (using XIRR with cash deposit dates) as 10.9% for 2015, and 8.97% overall. Prosper current shows 11.79% for all notes, although that number jumps around a lot (just a week ago it was down around 10.5%). Lending Robot shows my "expected return" as 12.52%.
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