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Author Topic: Retirement Planning Software VS Retirement Spending Software

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In an unusual moment of clarity I realized what is the subject of this thread. It's something of a follow up the the "To What Lengths Do Some Folks Go In Planning Their Income Taxes" thread from last year. In that thread I posted the spreadsheet computation for a single year's decision. The retirement planning software I'd used for many years was no help so I had to do it manually. I was asking the wrong questions of it. The fundamental problem once in retirement is to find the most tax efficient investment/conversion/spending plan given the asset mix acquired leading to retirement. Obvious, but I can be slow on the uptake sometimes.

So, there is software out there that addresses this problem.
For starters, one is widely mentioned and recommended. Its a free browser based program that seems to be an excellent place to start:

After finding this it sounded vaguely familiar. "lascott" had recommended it last year in that previous thread (paragraph c). I tried out b) but never tried this one. Duh. Guess I didn't exactly know the right question to ask anyway.,18192.msg57790.html#msg57790

Also I found but know nothing about:

And it's more expensive version for financial advisors:

There are dozens of similar programs out there.
Now that I think I'm asking the right question, anyone "been there, done that" with a personal favorite?
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