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Author Topic: Is it just me or did FOLIO not settle properly tonight?

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I'm guessing it's not just me- but did others get little if any settlement from FOLIO today?

Case in point- I have about $1k in notes from Friday that didn't settle tonight in my IRA account, and similar in my Taxable account. I know for a fact that I didn't end up buying that many notes during the day Friday- seems like something is up. One note settled in my IRA, zero in the Taxable. Both are showing around $1k left to settle. Usually this happens like clockwork on a Monday with the exception of holidays.

Anyone else seeing the same? I figure if they don't settle tomorrow evening I'll be making a phone call to LC on Wed. morning.  >:(
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FOLIO settled about 1am. Definitely had something go on last night.
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