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Author Topic: Hi, just joined forum, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm a 25 year old skilled laborer who has recently become interested in the topic of p2p lending after doing a great deal of research on the various options available to people with bad credit and no equity in the province of Alberta.

After almost 2 months without regular employment I recently acquired a full time job. Unfortunately, during my period of unemployment, I lost my government-issued identification and my bank account was closed due to insufficient funds (sort of a catch-22 for me).

Anyway, I acquired a job as a flooring laborer after 2 months of temp work; which pays poorly but also pays daily, and enough to eat and pay for lodging on a hand-to-mouth basis.

Now that I no longer have a daily income -- and lack the ID and bank account required by most institutions -- the stress of trying to supply myself with daily groceries has driven me to attempt to acquire a loan online. My research has shown me that p2p lending is perhaps the best way for me to acquire funds in the short term, without resorting to the extreme of a "loan shark" that works for a criminal organization.
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Wow.... I am amazed by the support you've shown towards me, Fred.

I can get the ID replaced, however, this has proven to be a bit of a process. Last month, I had to get my birth certificate replaced; the only way I could do so was to get a friend to go with me to a registry (Canadian version of DMV) and swear that he knew my name and had known me for at least a year. They brought a Commissioner of Oaths (Canadian Notary Public) and we both had to swear we were telling the truth with our hands on a Bible. The next step was to get a Statutory Declaration of Identity, which is another document overseen by a different Commissioner of Oaths and with a picture of my face. It's just a normal piece of printer paper, except its done on letterhead for the agency I went to (Bissell Centre Edmonton -- an "outreach centre" for homeless people).

Next, I tried to take these two documents to a registry to get my id card. BUT surprise surprise, now they wanted me to prove that I had legally been living in Alberta for the last 90 days. So I had to go to the temp agency as well as the job I got laid off from to get copies of all my pay stubs.

NOW, FINALLY, I'll be able to take my birth certificate, declaration of identity, and pay stubs down to a registry and they'll let me get my id card again..... I hope. But that will have to wait until I have money. Fortunately, my new boss agreed to cash my cheques for me until I have my id again.

I don't have an LC loan ID, because I haven't applied for a loan yet. Actually - let me be honest. I've been trying all day to locate a place where I might find a cyber loan shark to lend me a few hundred bucks. A few years ago, loan sharks were all over craigslist and kijiji and now I can't find a single one, just scammers.

I know without saying that my credit is FUCKED. I have student loans outstanding for 6 years, credit card debt from about 4 years ago, and debts to two payday loan agencies; Money Mart and Cash Money.

But I've never missed a payment to a cyber loanshark, so I figured fuck it, maybe it will help me get out of a jam.
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Sorry to hear about your situation.  A number of years ago I was in the same situation and it is tough to bounce back from.  But staying positive and taking one thing at a time is the only way to do it.  Absolutely your first priority is to gain steady employment and then start working with your creditors to get your accounts back in order. 
I do not know how things are with Canadian laws and debt but here in the US when you have outstanding debt companies have a certain time to collect on them.  Most states actually have a time limit when companies can collect.  But they will still keep trying to collect even after that time frame.  Where I live is in Nebraska and it is 4 years.  After that you do not have to pay it but it would still be on your credit report up to 7.  This does not count with student loans as the government will keep coming after it I assume forever.  Even with bankruptcy, it will not be charged off. 
I assume that your FICO score is probably pretty wrecked and it will be very tough for you to get any kind of loan. 
When it comes time to start paying back the debt, not student loans, make sure that your agreement with them is in writing and that they will remove negative remarks from your credit report.  They may not agree to that but it worth a try. 
I really feel for people who go to those payday loans out of desperation with the loans and fees that they charge.  With those loans being so old they may take a huge discount when you go to pay them off.  Play hardball with them.  Find out how long it is until they get charged off and taken off your credit report.  One thing to watch out though when you are talking with them is do NOT claim that the debt is yours.  This could reset the clock on the time they have to to collect it.  So lets say they only can try to collect for another 2 years.  If you agree that the debt is yours it could reset the clock meaning that instead of 2 more years it may reset to being able to collect up to 7 years. 
Personally if I were you I would get that steady employment and work out a budget and not go to any high percentage place for a loan.  Start paying that student loan first that will help get your credit back on track.  Go to and see what is may be hurting you and check your free credit report to see what is going on there too.  Dispute anything that you do not agree with.
I know it is hard and might seem like things are too hard to manage, but keep your chin up and come up with a plan and a budget.  Before long you will get back on the right track.  :)
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