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Author Topic: GOOD NEWS: tons of recoveries today BAD NEWS: most of mine were a penny or less

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I got like 70 of them, totaling about 75 cents.

UPDATE: They've been trickling in all day. I've got like 120 of them now.
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Most of mine were a fraction of a penny. My highest was $0.13. 

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I got the same today.  Some guy in accounting at LC that was planning to do the Richard Pryor Superman III fraction of a penny scam must be really disappointed.
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More recoveries today 10/18/2016

Again, lots of pennies and half-pennies.

Someone is earning their pay today.
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Yeah, since the beginning of the month I've gotten 312 recoveries; maximum recovered amount $0.21.
Add them all up (I'm not gonna) and must be less than $5.00 total.
Hey, I'll take it!
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On the first day I got a sub penny recovery on my oldest note (I think it defaulted in 2011 and dated back to 2008).  I'm impressed they collected anything from it. 
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