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Author Topic: Anyone else experiencing what seems to be "throttling" by LC on Folio?

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I've been doing some manual searches on Folio the last 3 days.  All seems fine, as I browse the individual notes, hit the back button back to resume search results...and all of a sudden, I receive this error message "The page isn’t working"  below it " is currently unable to handle this request."  Seems to happen after about 10 searches into individual notes and hitting the back button.

This has been going on the last 3 days.  I've been searching this way for months.  All of a sudden, last 3 just started happening.  Locks me out of the LC site all together.  Suspicious, since  I haven't been apart of the regular issued notes in over 6 months...exclusively buying on Folio.  After about 15 to 30 minutes, it allows me back on.

Anyone else experiencing this???
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I haven't seen that but I don't use the back button very often. I mostly open the notes I want to look at in new tabs (middle click or ctrl-left click on Windows.)
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I wonder if this is why my notes are selling more slowly on the same price lowering schedule I've been using.  The non-FICO updating (from another thread) doesn't help buyers make their choices either.  Meanwhile, the calendar is running out on notes for sale before the next payment is due, and/or they go later on the overdue schedule.
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I'm seeing this 100%, getting constant 503s.
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I use NSR to search and buy. Like others I open in new tab. Sometimes notes to take a little longer to open but I've not experienced what you are describing.
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