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Author Topic: LC API - Any interest?

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LC API - Any interest?
OP: July 31, 2016, 11:00:00 PM
I use the LC API on a GoDaddy hosted website.  One of the APIs I use is to send me an email every morning.  It pulls my summary data, then pulls details on all my notes in Grace.  It emails me this every morning at 5:24 am.  I find this is a very easy way to monitor my account and understand what is going on without logging in every day.  The way it works is that the API is connected in a PHP web page.  You go to that page and it runs the code which accesses the API and sends you the email.

I also use the API for auto-buying my notes.  It checks the notes available, filters and if it has one that meets my stringent requirements, it buys it.  I have this run every minutes 24x7.  The notes I buy usually sell out within 1-3 minutes so if you are not using the API or service you have about a 100% chance of not finding these.   

I could put code samples out here to do the email functionality if anyone is interested.   You would need to open a website with GoDaddy or other PHP site.  You can sign up for GoDaddy with URL for $12 a year.  Don't sign up for their $12 deal, find a "promo code" to get the discount to $12 for URL and hosting.  Get the Linux Economy Hosting because you will want to use PHP.  The Godaddy also includes MYSQL server so you can write the summary and detail to a database and write web pages to access that information if you wish.

The coding is relatively simple if you know any web/php coding.  If you don't, you will learn tons and I can give you a sample for having the auto-email. 

The auto-buying is much more complex.  I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you really know what you are doing.  Since it auto buys you can end up with more of a loan than you want.  I ended buying 16 notes from one loan as I set this up.  However now, it works great.

There are Python examples out there, but I found them extremely limiting.  With writing this in PHP you can have 100% of the functionality and power that all those pay sites have.  You can also build many more things as you learn more and more.

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