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Author Topic: Questions About New Site Analytics

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Questions About New Site Analytics
OP: April 06, 2016, 11:00:00 PM
Today was my first time logging into NSR Platform in a long time.  I had previously uploaded Notes_ext.csv files for my two Lending Club accounts.  I saw that those files were still in there, but couldn't see how I upload updated files??  I finally just linked my two Lending Club Accounts and it appears that the platform now pulls in the information automatically.  However when I click on "Portfolio Analysis" at the bottom of the page, I now see four portfolios...2 that were manually uploaded in the past and 2 that I just linked.  How do I delete the two old portfolios?

Second, I have a different "portfolio" on Lending Club for each of my investment strategies.  In the past, I would use NSR to filter each portfolio individually and look at the returns within that portfolio.  I am having trouble finding how to do this on the new site.  How do I look at returns for each of my user created portfolios within my Lending Club accounts?

I'll keep poking around, but thought maybe asking here would get me to an answer more quickly.  Thanks for your great site!
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Questions About New Site Analytics
#1: April 06, 2016, 11:00:00 PM
Actually got both of my questions answered via a chat on the NSR site!

The two old portfolios will eventually be wiped away and the site won't support manual importing of Notes files.  They will be automatically imported by linking to accounts.

The "sub-portfolios" feature for LendingClub accounts is also in the process of being brought back.  So I wasn't missing finding's simply temporarily not there!
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