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Author Topic: "Promised to pay" puts loan into "Payment Processing" status?

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I was selling a Grace Period note on Folio and the sale was cancelled due to "Payment Processing". I was pleased as I was under the impression the "payment was processing".
Apparently not. A payment was never made. The sale was cancelled not due to a processing payment but because the borrower had "promised to pay".
Am I insane or is that the dumbest thing ever? In what world is a promise to pay the same thing as a payment?
It has now just happened to another note I was selling. The notes are getting late and more late but I can't sell them because a "payment is processing".
Any insight?
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No.  The calendar puts loans into "payment processing" status.

When a certain date arrives, LC starts the process to pull a payment from the borrower's bank.  This takes several days.  During this time, LC doesn't know whether the payment will succeed or not.  For that reason, they disallow selling loans during this window.
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I'm also curious about this as well. I have a suggestion offline.
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