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Author Topic: Alerting from any third party service on collection notes

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Hi, do any of the third party services have "alerting" if your notes for sale have collection notes added? I've had two notes get picked from me that out of the blue got the "borrower promised to pay" note, and then the notes went current (they were 31-120). They were bought about after the notes appeared, but before i looked to see if any new collection notes were there. I'm thinking some folks have an "automated" way of scanning fore new collection notes.....

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As of 9:50am, there were 231,224 notes on the secondary market, with a loan count by status breakdown as follows:

Late (16-30 days)925
Late (31-120 days)3858
In Grace Period1160

Given that a note's collection log is only available from loanPerf.action, it would be extremely expensive to be constantly scanning 3858 loans, for loans that are Late (31-120 days).  A person who is trying to constantly scan the collection logs of Late (31-120 days) loans would most definitely get flagged by LendingClub for screen scraping, which LC spells out as prohibited "[w]ithout our prior consent".
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Used to be that Interest Radar did this, but it's been broken for a long time.
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With regards to the URL pattern, also works (where XXX is the loan_id and YYY is the order_id).  For example this one which I don't own (and have never owned previously).

1) If you currently don't own (or previously owned), the only source for the order_ids is from Folio via search results in or full Folio inventory which is about 40mb.
2) It knows from the order_id.  Only 1 note_id for each loan_id can be in an order.  So, if you provide an order_id, LC knows the specific note_id for a loan.
3) In the URL I provided above for loan_id 52026630, you should be able to see the collection log.  In the URL that yojoakak provided, unfortunately the loan has never been late; thus, no collection log info.
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Thanks, that clears up a lot!
I did see 52026630 and its associated collection log and I've never owned it.

Okay; more "20 questions":
How often is updated, and when?
Same question for
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From what I've seen, the note listing for sale from is "live".  In other words, if you can find the notes on the folio web site, they are in the notesRawData.action download. 

There is a strangeness in the notes listed in; I've seen where sometimes the notes on the folio web site are not in the SecondaryMarketAllNotes.csv download and vice versa.  Also, there is a time delay of several minutes (sometimes 15 minutes or more) that I've noticed after listing a note on folio and it's not in the SecondaryMarketAllNotes.csv download instantly.

There is a discussion in this thread about some of the issues around notes not appearing on the folio web site.
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