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Author Topic: How to filter late payments on Folion FN for Prosper?

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Newbie with newbie questions here.   Invested in LC exclusively in Folio for several months, now moving to Prosper Folio.   

1) Can one filter the Prosper notes based on whether there are late payments (grace period, late, etc)?
2) Is the calculated yield for prosper the same as Yield to Maturity in LC?   Eg. where it is annualized yield with 1% fees calculated?
3) Appears that each column of data cannot be sorted, correct?  Eg. ascending/descending for remaining payments, etc.   

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Hating that Prosper platform is small, and FolioFN is smaller.  Cannot sort column data....

Also, Prosper charges 1% fee to purchase notes on Folio when LC only charges seller side?!?!
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