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Author Topic: LC = Lending Club or "Liberty Corporation" on google finance?

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it appears they got Liberty Corporation listed in google finance.  Maybe an old company that used the LC ticker previously?
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Yea, that surprised me too. 

Google and Yahoo both routinely have this problem when an IPO occurs.  They buy a database from some other company, and it isn't immediately updated.
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Google might be mistaken here.

NYSE listing specifies LendingClub for LC:

Also, if you search for "LC" here:
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Looks like Google fixed it.
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Who comes up with the list of Related Companies at the bottom? I've never heard of any of them.

And what does NEC stand for?

"Sector: Financials > Industry: Consumer Lending - NEC"
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I'm quite lost. Why is any of this remotely interesting??
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