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Author Topic: Expected Monthly Payment (port tab) start before notes issued

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I've started an IRA account and have just started buying notes for it in the past week.

I've noticed on the Portfolio tab that the "Expected Monthly Payment" (EMP) column is starting to be filled in even *before* any notes are "Issued & Current" on the summary screens "My Notes at-a-Glance" section.  All along I thought the EMP wouldn't be filled in until the note was issued.

I was thinking times I saw the EMP go down that is was due to payoffs but it could just be notes withdrawn before being issued.  (I keep a spreadsheet column with Prev EMP column values for comparison -- need a webscreen scraping tool to gather this info for me!)
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I have noticed that with some of my loans as well, even with some loans are are already issued.

And today I  had a note payment on a newly issued loan that was 100% applied to principal with zero allocated towards interest, yet this was only the first payment for that loan. I figure I'll give it a day to see whether the interest allocation is corrected before I ask LC for an answer
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