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Author Topic: Genie Pay Fast - Cannabis Payment Option

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Genie Pay Fast - Cannabis Payment Option
OP: June 24, 2021, 04:12:09 PM
When our come in contact with Cannabis-Kratom-CBD business owners and
want to build additional residual income by offering a Closed Loop Peer to Peer Payment
and Online Checking Account Solution, contact me.

Invest about 15 minutes to learn if it is a fit for you.

Genie Virtual Prepaid Card
Cell Phone Number is the Account Number
VPOS Provided ( Virtual Point of Sale)
Private Electronic Cash Transfers up to $250,000.00
E-Check Included - Accept Checks up to $100,000
Instant Secure Payments To Business Owners
No Charge-Backs - No Fraud - Private & Secure
Virtual Checking Account Included - FDIC Insured

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Dave Lambert
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