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Author Topic: Dear Brendan Ross / DLIF Team

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Dear Brendan Ross / DLIF Team
OP: September 15, 2019, 11:00:00 PM
Unfortunately I am an investor in the DLIF fund.  I am not posting this for sympathy/empathy, etc.  I am simply posting this on the hopes that either Brendan Ross himself or someone on or at the DLIF team will see this and do the right thing.

I could care less about jail time, fines, etc.  As an investor who is facing a significant loss as a result of fraudulent activity, someone please do the right thing and provide the needed information to the receiver to help unwind this mess.  Investors are taking significant losses and those losses are only being increased as the receiver is being forced hire lawyers and specialist to unravel the web.  Any information that can be provided to the receiver to help point him the right direction, that could lead to information about when collectability issues arose or when information was available regarding issues at VOIP would be a great help.  Investors that invested in Dec 2018 are particularly getting screwed as all of the loss is being applied in Dec 2018 and no impairments/write-downs are being applied to prior periods.  As a former auditor at a big four CPA firm, it is very hard to believe no evidence or information is available that shows collectability issues did not exist prior to Dec 2018 (which would mean impairments should be applied prior to Dec 2018).  I understand that is how fraud works, it is covered up and hard to find.

Yes, I am affected as I invested in Dec 2018 (however I was invested prior to Dec 2018 as well), so I am taking a loss no matter what. 

I understand Brendan Ross is being investigated and it would be hard to submit evidence against yourself, but your investors are getting screwed, do the right thing.

I know I probably live in a dream world, but maybe just maybe someone will be compelled to do the right thing should the truth be out there somewhere.
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Dear Brendan Ross / DLIF Team
#1: September 15, 2019, 11:00:00 PM
You are in a dream world.  Maximum legal leverage will be required to uncover what I suspect is a long trail of misbehavior.
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Dear Brendan Ross / DLIF Team
#2: September 17, 2019, 11:00:00 PM
This is an unfortunate situation for small investors. Unfortunately, no one will do the right thing for investors like you. Everyone, even in receivership, is looking out for themselves and how much they can extract out of the situation for their personal gains.

Sorry, I wish there was much anyone on this forum could do to help investors like you.
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