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General P2P Lending Discussion / Recovery rate
« on: August 19, 2020, 11:00:00 PM »
I follow this discussion
Have you read the opinion of RevenueLand on Mintos p2p lending payday loans? It says that they prefer to focus on more loan originators rather than focusing on a specific class of loans. I tend to trust them. Payday loans are not safer than other loans since the buyback guarantee 8in the case of Mintos) is offered by the lender, not by the borrowers). So they focus on the lenders. Of course I read many blogs and forums like this to collect my investing information.
Liquid P2P / Mintos P2P lending platform
« on: December 31, 1969, 07:00:00 PM »
Thank you. I am an investor too. So far I rely on RevenueLand for Mintos review and peer to peer investing in general. Info are mostly updated and there are many indications on how to setup Mintos in a safe way.
Most European P2P platforms require investors to have a EUR 🇪🇺 bank account.

I have found that investors from all over the world (with a few exceptions) can invest in any case by opening a Revolut, Payoneer or Transferwise account securely.

I know US P2P lending yields are low, too low in most cases, so US investors do look to European P2Ps.

Here is the list of the P2P I like the most lately:

✔️ Mintos 11% (because it is the biggest and still pays up to 11%)

✔️ Bondora 13% (because it is old and reliable so far. They also accept ordinary credit cards)

✔️ Estateguru 12% (because it is one of the most transparent real estate crowdfunding I have found so far. Its loans are secured by real estate)

✔️ Flender 10% (because it is a bit different from the other in this list but also registered in Ireland)

✔️ Trine 7% (because they allow me to invest in solar projects and sometimes even provide a government guarantee that I like)

✔️ Bridgecrowd 11% (because it is located in the UK and its loans are secured by real estate)

Here is the full list if anybody is interested:

I consider p2p a potentially risky practice, so if loan interest rates were to fall below 6% I think I would move towards other investments.
Introductions / Welcome everyone to the Social Lending Network Forum
« on: September 21, 2019, 11:00:00 PM »
Hello everyone.
Thank you for this forum, Peter.
There is a big need of accurate information on this topic.
I'll do my best to contribute.
Thank you for this list
It would be nice to have also your own opinion about this platforms!