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Investors - LC / Additional Statistics Payment File Down
« on: December 31, 2018, 12:00:00 AM »
Curious if anyone has noticed or also run in to the payment history files at being down since the December 2018 update. I contacted LC mid month to ask about it and was told there is a technical issue with the csv that they are working on.

A technical issue with a csv is pretty laughable, so I'm wondering if anyone has theories or insight on what might actually be happening with that data publication?

My theories if it is in fact down for everyone:

1. Something silly actually broke, but they don't care and won't allocate 30 minutes to fix it
2. They decided publishing it offers no value to them, so they silently pulled it to decongest the network from the 1 GB downloads, note the small files on that page still work.
3. They discovered a data quality/integrity/accuracy issue in what they were recording/publishing and silently pulled it while they try to figure it out and hope no one notices under the guise of a technical issue.
4. They wanted to kiss up to the institutional clients and pulled the file from retail but supply the data on the side to the big players to give them a leg up on the primary/secondary markets over the small guys
5. Laplanche snuck in the back door and packaged up every LC owned loan with payment history and sold them to his cousin in exchange for a sailboat.

I would really love to see it back in place soon. I had just started to really refine a data model on payments that was killing it... now that data is nearly 2 months stale.