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I have been very passive for a while as well.  While there are better filters to be applied, I don't believe we really know what's right going forward.  My assumption is that LC and Prosper are hard at work optimizing risk/APR equation.  I tested many suggested filters and they just weren't that great.  I am extremely skeptical of any claims that fully aged portfolio can return above 10%.

10%, or 8%, risk adjusted returns are awesome, but you are right, spending ton of time on it is just not something worth doing unless you have a couple million on the line. 

I have gone back to rather active approach.  But this is only because it benefits my day job.  If I was, say an architect, I'd try to scrape enough for PRIME account and put it on autopilot.  I would certainly stay invested in the platform as it is still highly attractive from yield and diversification stand point. 
Investors - LC / Notes stay too long in "Under Review" status
« on: September 17, 2013, 11:00:00 PM »
I placed orders for my notes about a month ago and about 1/3 of those notes are still "Under Review."  Of all Under Review notes, 1/3 has been there for over two weeks. 

By looking at LC overall data, about 90% of listed notes issued in under two weeks or so.  In my math 1/3 of 1/3 is about 10%, so the numbers seem consistent.  However, the result is a little shocking.  It means that if it takes "on average" 2 weeks to issue a loan, then a month later you will still have 1/3 of your money essentially in cash.  Does it make sense?

Second question, is there a way to dump "Under Review" notes?