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Title: Portfolio Snapshot
Post by: Lovinglifestyle on August 29, 2017, 11:00:00 PM
Since, according to the Active Notes definition at the bottom of this chart, my Active Notes number (1694) is wrong, does that mean the average age of my active notes is also wrong?

With nothing else to do, I just decided to look again and wonder "out loud" to somebody here.

Portfolio Snapshot

Total Notes


Portfolio Value


Available Cash


Active Notes


Interest Received


In Funding

13.6 mo.

Active Notes Age


Fair Market Value


Loss Rate

Active Notes Distribution

Credit Grade (the distribution bars didn't show up, but their numerical values for each remaining principal category are wrong too)

Credit Grade
Remaining Principal
Loan Term

The Active Notes are those notes that haven't been Charged Off or Fully Paid yet. The Active Notes Distribution displays the portfolio exposure, by remaining principal, to different Credit Grades and Loan Terms.
Title: Portfolio Snapshot
Post by: AnilG on September 01, 2017, 11:00:00 PM
Sorry for delay in responding. Do you still see incorrect number of active notes? We only count notes that are not Charged Off or Fully Paid as Active Notes.
Title: Portfolio Snapshot
Post by: TravelingPennies on September 01, 2017, 11:00:00 PM
Active notes, not charged off or fully paid, are 826 + 10 + 15 + 34 + 5 pending sale + 1 issuing = 891 + 7 settled last night = 898
Portfolio Snapshot says 1021 Active Notes. (123 notes discrepancy now)
That's several hundred closer than the 1694 Actives reported above a few days ago.
The Average Age has also changed, from 13.6 mos. to 22.5 mos. now.
The allocation chart is also more accurate now.  However, the sum of the bar graph principals remaining is about $1800 too high.

Don't know why I only get 898 by adding everything I can think of or see that isn't fully paid or charged off, so I give up.

A separate puzzle arose for me  this week regarding selling Houston affected ZIP notes:
Two on my PC list (68357561 and 62003108) returned "error--note not issued" when I clicked "sell".
I looked for them on my LC note list and they are nowhere to be found.  Soooo---either the LC API
mistakenly sent them to PC, or PC mistakenly added them to my list some other way.

The next questions could be, did I really own them once?  Or does somebody else have unknown missing loans/notes?
Or are these two listed on PC as being in both my account and somebody else's?  They exist, because there are payment
records for the corresponding notes, and both are current.

I'm used to just skipping over anomalies like this at LC, so I can live with it (not worth wasting your time on).

Thank you for your response!