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Author Topic: Asking price(s) is too high. Notes can only be listed for sale with up to a 70%

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Trying to dump my notes on Folio but I keep receiving this message "Asking price(s) is too high. Notes can only be listed for sale with up to a 70% premium."  WTF is this stupid thing talking about? I'm just doing a modest markup of 2-3% to see if anyone bites.   Anyone have any ideas where I should be looking to correct this? I can't figure it out. Thanks
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You didn't tell us what you entered, so we have to guess what the problem is.  Did you enter a markup in the markup column?  What did you enter?  For a 2% premium, you would enter 2%, not 102%, for example.
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Just entered 3 in the markup field it corrected to 3.00% hit apply and then submit had to go back and correct a few that were negative yield, hit submit again and it says that message about my asking price being too high.
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Did you go back and check the column that says markup/discount, to see which note/s are 70+ %?
It's pretty frustrating to have to go back to find negative returns or excessive markup, especially when you have a whole page for sale.  Been there.
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I had the same error message. What it ended up being was my portfolio contained a loan that apparently had $0 in remaining principal but some interest remaining. You should sort your loans by outstanding principal and see if you have something similar.
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