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Author Topic: Any interest in a Prosper (and Lending Club eventually) smartphone app?

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Hi there. I am new to Lend Academy and p2p lending in general. I have started out investing with Prosper and everything is going pretty well. But I find that there are a couple of things seem like they need improvement.

First, my understanding is that Quick Invest is slower than what can be achieved via automated API investing. I'm using Quick Invest now and it does seem like it takes a long time to work. Is that other people's experience as well?

Second, though Prosper has a mobile version of it's web site I personally find it cumbersome, a little slow and not really tuned to what I would like to do on my smartphone which is to (a) get a quick summary of my investments, and (b) quickly view new loans that match my search criteria and (if I choose to), purchase them.

So, with all that said I have it in my head that a smartphone app could really fit the bill here. But there doesn't seem to be one. And now we finally get to the point.

I'm a developer by trade and am thinking about creating a smartphone app to help with my Prosper investing. Is this something that people would be interested in? And while I have nothing against philanthropy, it seems like a lot of work and I would want to charge for such an app, so how much would people be willing to pay? Also, if anyone is interested in helping out, that would be great too. Oh, one final thing. I would start with Prosper on iOS simply because I invest with Prosper and I have an iPhone. But certainly the intent would be to design the program such that bringing it to Android and (eventually) working with Lending Club would be goals for down the road.

So, what say you illustrious Lending Academy members?

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I think it's a great idea as long as Folio is included. I would be willing to pay up to about $10 after trying it out for a week or two first.

The sliders on the folio website note browse filter are impossible to use on a smartphone. I'd pay just for that to be usable.
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As far as I know there is no Folio API, making such a feature very difficult to implement. It would definitely be something that would be explored later on down the road.
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We have created a new mobile app to search, invest in notes, and manage your account with Prosper. Please use the sidebar to request features and submit issues.

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I would definitely use it at LC, as I do not use auto invest.  (yet???)  I also think that one or one that is inclusive with NSR would be fantastic, especially with the folio buyers/sellers.  folio how it is does not meet my filters, so use NSR.  Also see something like this leading to being made for other sites like Peercube and Lending Robot. 
I think the sky is the limit on a project such as this morphing into a bigger project.  Good luck with it!!
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this is NOT the first.  as a matter of fact my organization has created one too.  All THREE platforms.  works best on you Windows Desktop

Windows: (Desktop and Mobile)

iOS: coming soon
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