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Author Topic: LC Automated Investing vs API



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LC Automated Investing vs API
OP: January 30, 2015, 12:00:00 AM
I haven't used either and am wondering which route results in the higher returns with minimal work. It seems that users of the API encounter a lot of problems for one reason or the other. Is it worth the headaches?

I'm planning on starting an IRA for my wife and would like the investing to be as automated as possible through the LC site while still trading a few notes on the side.

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LC Automated Investing vs API
#1: January 30, 2015, 12:00:00 AM
I have used both.  Both approaches work.  As for which gives higher returns, neither gives any returns.  They are just tools.

I presently use API.  There are some filter conditions that you can't do with the automated investing thing.  There are also some limitations that irked me that don't have anything to do with filters.  For example: You can't control the size of investments in individual notes.  I want a certain minimum size, so I don't end up with a ridiculously large # notes. 

Many of the 3rd party tools are much more flexible.  Even with the 3rd party tools, there were often things I wanted to do a particular way, which wasn't exactly what they were designed to do.  I presently use my own s/w, which does precisely what I want.  Whether this results in higher returns or not is open to question.  However it makes me happy.

Unless you have some particular concern where the automated investing thing doesn't do something you itch to do, it will likely serve you fine.
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